Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

So, look, there are days when you just don't have deep theological thoughts, right? Well , this is one of those days for me. You've seen columns like this in the newspaper (Remember newspapers?). They occur when the columnist just doesn't have anything to talk about. So, random thoughts for the day:

1) You can cook a chicken in half the time if you a) cut out the backbone and lay it out flat, butterfly style (this takes literally a minute and can be done with kitchen shears, and b) preheat the oven to 450. salt & pepper are obvious and then you can choose (My favorite is garlic and rosemary). A five poound chicken will be done in 35 minutes, with nice crispy skin.

2) Snow makes everything look better except the streets you have to drive over.

3) The sixth Dr. Who is really annoying.

4) Listening to Creed a few years later shows you just how pretentious they really were.

5) Christians don't really embrace new ideas very well, do we?

6) Today marks 24 years of being a priest. Next year, we party, even if it is in Lent!

7) Facebook has made it possible for you to stalk people without trying. They tell you what they are doing!

8) By the end of Ash Wednesday, I had been exposed to mono, strep, the flu, that nasty sinus thing that is going around, and God only knows what else. Using fortified wine for communion must really work 'cause, so far, I have not gotten any of it!

9) What do you do with old cleaning fluids that you no longer wish to use because you are trying to go green (see last entry)? How do you throw them away?

10) Happy birthday, sis.

11) Why does two men or two women getting married threaten anybody else's marriage? I at least understand some of the other arguments, but I really don't get that one.

12) Do you realize that 60s rock is to current music as ragtime was to the 60s? Somehow, the Beatles have weathered better than Scott Joplin or the Charleston did. And the Stones just keep going in their wheelchairs....

13) With historically low interest rates, why is my credit card (currently no balance and paid off on time when there was one) raising my interest rate by 8% and upping my default rate to over 29%? That's absurd. I didn't make all those bad investments!

Okay, that's enough for now!


Jane R said...

Re: 7. True, but only partially. Remember that some people post updates very selectively even when those updates are frequent. ;-)

Re: 9. Don't they have a toxic products pick-up thing in this town? They did in Berkeley. I know, it's not Berkeley. Still, it's possible the City of Greensboro has something like it. Like Toxic Waste Disposal Day or some place where you can take your rat poison. And your cleaning products. Either that or waste not, want not and don't use the green products till you've used up the old toxic ones. Hmmm.

Re: 6. Happy priestiversary!

Kevin M said...

Pickup? Are you kidding? You can't measure anything done in the real world by what they do in Berkeley!

You can take toxi things to the city, of course. I just have to check their website to see if cleaning fluids are on the list. I know batteries and mercury laden lightbulbs are.

James said...

I think your No. 1 just changed my life.